Stop smoking

Now is the time to stop smoking and start enjoying all the extra energy and health benefits that come with quitting.  Every cigarette you smoke causes you real harm, so the sooner you stop, the sooner you should start feeling good.

It’s never too late to quit. No matter how long you’ve smoked for, even if you’ve smoked for years, you should start to feel a real positive difference right away.

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Smokefree Liverpool is a FREE, confidential service to help Liverpool residents quit smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes, no matter how many times you’ve tried before. It offers a range of support including individual appointments, group support, drop-in sessions and telephone and online support. Smokefree Liverpool also offer support for pregnant women.

Feel the benefits immediately:

Clock 1 week

1 hour

Your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal.

clock 8 hours

8 hours

The level of carbon monoxide in your blood will halve and your oxygen levels will return to normal.

clock 24 hours

24 hours

The carbon monoxide leaves your body and within 48 hours your body is nicotine free.

3 weeks calendar

After a few weeks

You will start to notice your food tastes better, your lungs are clearer and you have more energy.

12 weeks calendar

12 weeks

Your circulation is now improved throughout your body.

Stopping smoking can help you:

Live longer

Going smokefree can add a decade to your life.  Half of all long-term smokers die early, so giving up smoking could help you live longer.

Look after your heart

Giving up cigarettes is good for your heart and can reduce your chance of suffering a heart attack.

Boost your energy levels

Within 3 months of stopping smoking, your blood circulation improves. This will give you more energy to get on with everyday life.

Lift your mood

Stopping smoking has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. After you’ve quit smoking you should feel more relaxed and less tense.

Look younger

Giving up cigarettes has been found to slow ageing. If you stop smoking you should start to see a real difference to your appearance, including a healthier skin tone, a whiter smile and less risk of tooth loss.

Improve your taste buds and sense of smell

The poisons in cigarettes dull your taste buds but soon after stopping your sense of taste and smell should start to recover.

Save money

Stopping smoking is great for your pocket too! According to the NHS Smokefree cost calculator smokers, on average, spend £250 per month/£3,000 per year. Just think how much all that extra money could benefit you.

Breathe more easily

Within 9 months of stopping smoking your lung capacity should increase by 10%. All this extra oxygen can help put a spring in your step and help you feel good.

Reduce the risk of serious health issues

The day-to-day effects smoking has on your heart, your lungs and other areas of your body can lead to long term smoking-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Smoking around your family can put them at risk too, but if you can stop smoking, you can help protect your family from harm too.  Secondhand smoke puts children at risk of respiratory infections and asthma.

Tips for giving up smoking

Dont do it alone

Don't go it alone

You’re four times more likely to quit with support from smokefree Liverpool than going it alone. They offer a free, proven personalised programme of motivational support and can help you deal with stress, weight gain or mood swings. Support is personalised offering patches, gum, mouth / nasal spray, inhalator and lozenges and these will be free if you don’t pay for prescriptions.

Help available

Free help is available

There’s lots of free help on offer at NHS Smokefree including support emails, text messages and a smartphone app. By choosing the support that’s right for you, you’ll be boosting your chances of quitting.

Reason to quit

A reason to quit

What’s your reason for quitting? Your kids? Your health? You want to feel fitter and look younger? It doesn’t matter whether you want to get rid of an annoying cough or help avoid a serious illness, just focus on what matters most to you. Keep that in mind to help keep you motivated.

Keep going

Keep going

Understand how nicotine is playing with your mind and body. The withdrawal symptoms start around 2 hours after your last cigarette – and often peak about 3 days later. So weirdly, the worse the cravings, the closer you are to your goal. Keep that in mind to help you stay strong.

Save money

Save money

On average, most people who quit save about £250 a month. That’s £3,000 a year. Imagine having that money to play with instead of it going up in smoke. That will help keep you on track!

Know your triggers

Know your triggers

Every time you smoke, make a note of when and where, and who with. These are your triggers. Work out the ones you can avoid and make a point of changing your routine – for the first few weeks anyway. For triggers you can’t avoid, find something to distract you. Chew gum, sip water through a straw, or take big deep breaths. Keep your hands busy – anything but smoke.


Relax and breathe

When you’re stressed and feeling like you need a cigarette, there’s a really simple thing you can do to relax and take your mind off smoking. And that’s just breathing. Breathe in deeply – let you tummy push out. Hold for a second. Now breathe out and let your tummy come back in. Repeat for ten breaths in and out. It might feel funny, but it works.

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smokefree Liverpool

A free confidential service to help Liverpool residents quit smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes, no matter how many times you’ve tried before. They offer a range of support including individual appointments, group support, drop-in sessions and telephone and online support. Smokefree Liverpool also offer support for pregnant women.

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