Drink less

You might not realise it, but having fewer drinks throughout the week can really put a spring in your step.  Sometimes alcohol can make us feel sluggish and make it harder to sleep, but cutting down even a little bit can boost your energy levels, lift your mood and help you feel good.

Drinking less can have a hugely positive impact on how you feel about yourself, your family, your career, your health and more.  The less you drink, the lower your risk of cancer, liver disease, heart disease and stroke.  It’s also great for managing your weight, as most alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories, and if you’re not careful, all these calories can add up quickly.

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Drink Less Feel Good is a local website that features a handy tool that works out the calorie equivalent of what you drink each week and uses this information to give you personalised tips and benefits that can help you reduce your calorie intake.

Tips for drinking less

Drink free days

Try drink free days

You could try taking some time off from alcohol or choosing not to drink for a couple of days each week to give your body a break and help it to ‘reset’.

Dilute drinks

Dilute your drinks

A popular way to drink less is to have a wine spritzer using soda water or a shandy instead of a pint – make sure to ask for low sugar lemonade in your shandy! This will not only help you cut back on how much you’re drinking but your calories too.

Lower strength

Lower strength

A simple way to reduce the amount of alcohol you’re drinking is to swap strong beers or wines for ones with a lower strength. The strength can be seen on the side of cans/bottles as a percentage (ABV – alcohol by volume). A 1% difference may not sound like much but it adds up over a few drinks.

Small bottles

Try small bottles of wine

An easy way to start drinking less is buying smaller bottles of wine.  When you buy a full-size bottle of wine, there is always a temptation to finish the bottle. There’s a much bigger selection of single serve bottles of wine available nowadays, which will help you keep a closer tab on what you’re drinking without feeling like you’re missing out.

Watch measures

Watch your measures

It’s easy for a single to become a triple if you’re not paying attention. Try and make sure that you, your partner and friends are keeping an eye on how much is being poured into each drink. Buying yourself a drinks measure is also a great way to keep your measures under control.

Find out more…

You can find out more by visiting the following websites

drink less feel good logo

Drink Less Feel Good

This is a local website that features a tool called My Drinks Check which can be used to find out how many calories illustrated in quantities of donuts you drink in a week, how many miles you would have to walk to burn them off and how your drinking compares to other people. You’ll be given personalised tips for drinking less.

Livewire Liverpool

Health Trainers

Health Trainers work in local communities supporting people aged 16+ living in Liverpool to make healthier lifestyle choices. They can work with you to develop a plan to drink less, offering advice and motivational support.

Liverpool Community Alcohol Service logo

Liverpool Community Alcohol Service

Offers free, confidential support, treatment and advice for people living in Liverpool with alcohol dependency. If you are worried about a relative or friend who you suspect has a problem with alcohol, you can also contact the service for free advice.

young addaction logo

Young Addaction

Young Addaction Liverpool is a free, confidential substance misuse service for young people aged 10-24 living in Liverpool.  It offers support for making healthy lifestyle choices and helps them work towards future goals.

addaction logo

Addaction Recovery Centre

Free, confidential drug and alcohol recovery service for adults aged 18+ with addictions offering a wide range of support including education, training and employment training.

Drink Less Enjoy More

A local website that explains why it is illegal to serve alcohol to someone who is clearly drunk, or buy alcohol for a drunk friend. These laws are enforced by Merseyside Police.

Small changes feel good

See how small changes can help improve many areas of your life.